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Matschertal/Val di Mazia!

In 2014 the Matschertal /Val di Mazia has been accepted as a research site of the long-term ecological research (LTER) network. Over the past decade, a number of studies and measuring campaigns have been conducted in this valley, located in the heart of the Alps of northern Italy. Continuous monitoring and recording of biotic and abiotic parameters allow scientists to observe climate and land-use changes over a long-term period.


New Publication!

The results published in "New Phytologist" demonstrate that reduced water availability and higher atmospheric water demand limit larch at low elevation within dry Alpine regions. This indicates a general upward shift of this species’ elevational amplitude upon climate change, and respective negative effects on future silvicultural use and ecosystem services at lower elevations in the European Alps.


iNaturalists wanted!

The citizen science project iNaturalist is finally connected with our LTSER site Matsch|Mazia! We invite you to record your observations of plants and animals and to share them with the community! Species will be determined and discussed together!


LTER Italy conference 28.-30.05.2018

Eurac research and the LT(S)ER site Matsch/Mazia hosted the annual meeting and conference of LTER Italy for the first time. There participated 80 scientists coming from all over Italy!

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